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on nostalgia and change

It’s lonely now the rain has started falling. I miss the friends we knew back home. I’m thinking of them now the storm is rising.

At sea there’s always tomorrow. There are ways to be free. We’ll work it out.

We’ll work it out.

At Sea by Electrelane

There comes a point in all our lives where we experience change – in our own lives or in the lives of the people we know. Sometimes change is exciting-  something new, something refreshing. Other times change is scary and saddening. And sometimes it’s both. Sometimes we are forced into it and other times we take the plunge willingly. Needless to say, change comes in all shapes and sizes.

How do you respond to change? Are you a glass half-full or glass half-empty kind of person?

Personally, I’m not a big fan of change. I’m a homebody. A nester. I am the kind of person who will go to the same restaurant and order the same dish on multiple occasions (sometimes on consecutive days even).

Most of the time though, change is unavoidable.

When everything around you is changing, you tend to miss the things that you’ve lost. I miss feeling like I belonged somewhere, to a certain group of people. I miss the sense of family that I once had. I miss the way certain friendships used to be. It’s sad, knowing that things will never be the way they were. Try as we might, we can never go back.

But those losses, great as they may be, should not make our gains any less worthwhile. Sometimes all we need is time. Time to make new connections with people. Time to discover new places of belonging. Time to make and foster new relationships. Time to mend and nurture old ones.

Change will come, although it will not come easy. As we leave our old lives and move on to the new, where will our focus be? Will our eyes and hearts be fixed on the past or will they look forward to the future, scary and uncertain as it might be?