reflections on tonight’s tegan & sara experience..

Tonight was surreal. I don’t want to ramble on and on about how fucking awesome it was to see T&S live (which it soo was!) so instead I have a number of reflections I wanted to share on tonight’s experience. (Note: I know the first 4 points make it sound like it was really horrible, but it really wasn’t. I mean, those parts of it weren’t great but the overall experience and T&S’s set in particular were pretty fucking amazing. Just in case I didn’t make that clear enough before)

1. All-age shows kinda suck
I am all up for inclusion, and the fact that I was once a teenager myself makes me a tiny little bit more considerate of the whole teenage demographic, but 14 year olds and alcohol and quite possibly pill-popping do not a good concert experience make. Period.

2. Expect douchebaggery (this is possibly linked to #1)
When you get a big group of people together, you can expect at least a little bit of douchebaggery, sometimes more. Things like people pushing in and standing right in front of you, people up the back pushing people who are down the front so that you end up squashed like a sardine, gasping for air, and feeling extremely claustrophobic even though you don’t actually have claustrophobia, for example.

3. Expect to get really up and close to complete strangers
I have never been so intimate with a group of strangers my entire life. I mean, when someone’s face is literally in your hair (and yours is literally in someone else’s) and you have certain body parts rubbing up against you, any concept of personal space just totally goes out the window.

4. In need of oxygen? Look up!
When you have a big crowd of people altogether, breathing down each other’s necks, you start to feel a little light headed and short of breath. What should you do in this kind of situation? Look up! That’s where all the oxygen is. Carbon dioxide bad; Oxygen good.

5. Merchandise later; staking your claim first
Tonight we made the mistake of buying merchandise first and then finding a place to stand second. Although, there are benefits to this game plan (you don’t want them to run out of merch), I think being closer to the stage definitely trumps merch. Not that our spot was particularly terrible. I was happy with where we were, but to think we could have been even closer! Oh boy!

6. Sara is a-fucking-dorable
I had a really good view of Sara most of the night, and I just gotta say how adorable I think she is. Her cuteness is just too much (see related article: Reflections on Tegan & Sara’s cuteness. I couldn’t agree more!). I’ve passed judgement in the past on those crazy people who do things like jump on stage so that they can try to touch her, and who throw bras and underwear at them, and yell things like “I love you Sara!”, but no more! I think I get it now. Having experienced strange things tonight like seriously wanting Sara to be my wife and seriously being convinced that she looked at me that one time, I know that I am being ridiculous and stupid and incredibly lame, but I revel in it because I accept that that is who I am: ridiculous and stupid and incredibly lame. And I know I’m not the only one. Pass judgement on me all you want, but I really don’t care. (I swear she looked at me… kidding! Well, sort of…) I will now proceed to tumblr-stalk her. Goodnight!

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