stories made by us

I stumbled across this Swedish fiction blog*, called Stories Made By Us, the other day (when I was avoiding the reality of my lame existence by tumblr-surfing), run by two Swedish teenagers. They’ve made a series of short videos that just completely blew me away! Short and simple, but just some really beautifully filmed and scored stories about real people and their lives (not ‘real’ as in autobiographical, but ‘real’ as in realism).

Here are parts 2, 4, and 5 of the series (my favourites):

Part 02: I love the music and the innocence of this one, especially the use of the letter. Very endearing.

Part 04: Yup, that feeling truly sucks. Great acting and filming.

Part 05: I love the silence and pace of this last one. It really embodies her sense of loneliness. (Note: FYI, the cigarettes are significant because in part 1 you learn that she smokes them as a symbol of keeping her love alive. And I think it’s the same girl as the other vids; she just dyed her hair and grew it out, or is wearing a wig)

*What’s a fiction blog? Find out here. I love the concept.. think it’s fascinating.

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