on reasons to get up in the morning

“If I’m gonna get up, I’ll just admit it, I only get up for you.”

Downtown by Tegan and Sara

You know how sometimes a single line in a song makes you fall in love with it? And it’s not particularly because you relate to it in some way. Who knows why? Maybe because it speaks to an inner yearning or desire. Maybe it makes you think of a certain person. Maybe it makes you feel a certain way.

This is one of those lines for me.

I love it because I simply cannot imagine what it would be like to live your whole life for another person. At least, that’s my interpretation of the lyric. But it makes me wonder what that would be like. To have someone in your life that is so significant, who means so much to you, that they become the reason that you get up in the morning. I mean, most days I don’t even know what I get up for.

I think that’d be nice though. To have someone like that in your life. But then that makes me think about the possibility that I’ll ever have that. When you think about it, it’s such a miracle that two people can actually meet and fall madly in love (not just in lust.. although physical attraction is obviously an important aspect of love) with one another. I mean, let’s be real for a moment.. what are the chances of that happening? How many times have you been in love with someone who didn’t love you back? Or vice versa?

I’m not saying I’m giving up or that I don’t believe that it could happen. Maybe I’ve just gotten more cynical. Or maybe I’m just resigned to the fact that I might never have that; that life is not a romantic comedy. And that that’s ok. I mean, God knows we love romantic comedies. But the reason we love them so much is probably because we know that life is not really like that; we watch it to escape from reality. And sometimes that’s exactly what we need.

But the problem with romantic comedies is that most of the time they send the subliminal message that the end all and be all of humankind is to be married or in a relationship. I’m not saying that marriage is bad; I’m not saying that relationships are bad. I’m just saying that they’re not everything.

That feeling of only wanting to live your life because of the person that you love is great and all, and I look forward and hope to someday experience it, but I also know that that feeling won’t last. And that’s not necessarily a reason not to pursue that kind of love. It’s just a call to be real about it. The reality is, there’s probably a lot of things to get up for in the morning. Love, or perhaps infatuation is the more appropriate word, is only one of them.

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