on writing and music

When I’m feeling something intense (usually love or sadness or angst) I like to try and get it out in writing. Not as in, “Dear diary…”, but something perhaps in the form of a poem or lyrical piece. I don’t do it to impress people or to show them up. I do it more as a catharsis.

The reason I like to write is because when you feel something so intensely, you don’t really know what it is you’re feeling. Is it sadness, is it love, is it joy? You don’t really know. And the intensity of it starts to overwhelm you. When you start to try and communicate it however and put it down onto paper, it stops being this big scary monster inside of you that you can’t control, and you can actually start to put a face to it or at least make out a vague outline. And it’s not so scary anymore.

At this point in time however, I don’t think I’ve written anything that I wouldn’t be mortally horrified to share with anyone else. But my hope is that by some point in my life, I’ll have written some words or music that communicate a feeling to another person and maybe is something even that that person can relate to and take away and connect to their own life.

I’ve always loved how music, or any art for that matter, connects people. We become connected by the words of a song or the way that a song makes us feel, by our sadness or our loneliness, and as a result we realise that we are not alone or without hope in this world; that something beautiful can come out of our ugliness.

It’s so beautiful sometimes to just sit and listen to a song; like really listen to it. To not just hear noise, but to actually listen to the words and to try to understand what an artist is thinking and feeling. To hear all the different vocal melodies and instrumental parts coming together to form a synthesised whole. To hear how each part supports one another and adds beauty to the entire piece. It’s truly amazing.

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